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Our gourmet sauces & pastas are made with super nutritious domestic hemp seeds

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Full Hemp Package

Our ultimate hemp food sampler is perfect for an individual, couples or families for one or two months! Not only will your life be improved by the delicious benefits of hemp, but you'll also love the long shelf-life of these products; therefore, this is one direct-shipping food package that won't spoil or ever go to waste!

- 10 oz Hemp Honey BBQ
- 5 oz Hemp Hottie Sauce
- 1 lb Gourmet Hempasta
- 2 lb Shelled Hemp Seeds
- FREE Hemp Hand Sanitzer

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Two Sauces

Purchase two of our American classic gourmet hemp sauces produced by our partner chefs, Tye & Reggie Hall right here in Richmond, Virginia. You have the option to get one of each sauce or two of one kind.

- 10 oz Hemp Honey BBQ
- 5 oz Hemp Hottie Sauce

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Four Hempasta

Enjoy four pounds of our Linguine Homegrown Hempasta (made with whole hempseed protein) and/or our Fusilli Heartland Hempasta (made with hemp heart protein).

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Two Buckets

Get two buckets of domestic-grown hemp seed protein goodness! You have the option of mixing and matching out 2 lb shelled hemp seeds (hemp hearts) and 1.5 lb whole hemp seed protein powder

- 2 lb Shelled Hemp Seeds
- 1.5 lb Whole Hemp Seed Protein

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