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Gourmet Hempasta, Hemp Hottie Sauce, Hemp Honey BBQ Sauce & Shelled Seeds Bucket
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American Grown
Hemp Seeds

We're Awakening the World to the Benefits of Hemp
by empowering everyday foods with the superior
benefits of domestic grown hemp seeds.


Everyday Health

Farm-to-table hemp foods
made in Richmond, VA

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Gourmet Hemp
Family Package

Receive each of our staple products
and satisfy all your hemp nutrition needs
for an entire month!

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Gourmet Hemp
Sauce Package

Receive each of our staple sauces
which pair great with most foods!

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Hemp Food

Offer your customers something delicious
& unique with the benefits of hemp!
(No CBD, D8 or THC)

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Why Hemp?

Our philosophy is to empower
foods you already love!


Our Mission

Hemp Ed.


Learn how hemp was supported WW2


Discover hemp's bountiful health benefits


Explore why hemp is good for the farmer too

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