Hemp Agriculture

Seed Bank Initiative

The Gourmet Hemp Foods team is actively seeking and working with farmers who are interested in growing small plots throughout the state of Virginia in order to develop native seed and fiber varieties in order to benefit posterity.
Virginia State University Seed Breeding

Gourmet Hemp Foods LLC support collegiate hemp initiatives especially HBCUs. The #GHFoods team has worked directly with both VSU and KSU researchers and representatives with propagating and promoting their respective initiatives.
Growing for Seed

The focus of #GHFoods hand illustrated catalog is the never before told story of the War Hempy Industries Inc. -- which was an effort by the War Production Board to jumpstart a national hemp industry to assist the war effort.

Growing for Fiber/Hurd (stalks)

Tucked away in in the depths of the Kansas City National Archives is a treasure trove of corporate documents which details the long lost history of the War Hemp Industries Inc. which was government-sponsored entity which distributed hemp seeds and bought its end goods for the war effort.

Growing for Cannabinoids (CBD)

The Farm Security Agency spearheaded an effort to visually document the domestic industrial base during the WW2 effort. The archive includes pictures of women,

Processing Seeds

Founder, Joe, took the initiative to research and write, 'Craig Lee's Kentucky Hemp Story | Memoirs of an Industrial Hemp Activist,' which details a 20-year epoch of Craig's hemp activism, starting in the 90's, and concluding with the beginning of the end of Federal hemp prohibition
Processing Stalks

Upon enactment of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (the “2018 Farm Bill”) in December