Benefits & Differences Between Hempseed VS. CBD oils


It All Begins With Cannabis: 

To understand the difference between CBD & hempseed oils one must understand the true nature of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is a plant that has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years and is an  annual, dioecious, flowering herb, which means it grows both a male and a female plant. The male plant is ideal for growing densely, in vast fields, for grain and fiber. The grain, or hemp seeds, can be cold-pressed for its' nutritious hempseed oil; what’s leftover is called hempseed meal. You can enjoy the benefits of American grown hempseed oil by purchasing any of our Gourmet Hemp Foods' sauces & enjoy 25% OFF every second sauce ordered online! The hempseed meal can be further ground into a fine vegan powerhouse protein powder which is what we use in all our Gourmet Hempasta products.



The female hemp plant possess those notorious flowers that contain the plant's ‘crystal trichromes’ which have the highest density of the highly sought after cannabinoids. Different cultivars and growing conditions all play a big role in the farmer’s yield, and quality, of cannabinoid-rich oil. Each percentage point of CBD concentrated in the crop's overall mass is a big deal to the farmer's bottomline. What makes this crop difficult and risky to grow is that regulators must test a THC content no higher than .35%, or else the crop is considred Marijuana under US law and must be immediately destroyed.

Once the high CBD female plants are pulled from the fields they will be extracted with a solvent which is usually CO2, alcohol or, less favorably, butane. People should research their CBD products entire supply chain starting with the grower, processor, distrubutor, and retailer in order to make an informed and safe purchasing decision.

For those who apprecaite getting into the weeds: right now there's a quagmire of patchwork-regulations between state legislatures, local law enforcement, the USDA, the FDA & the biggest bullies on the block, the DEA. In this emerging CBD and/or 'canabinoid' industry, customers must do their due diligence until meaningful progress and compromise is made.

The Benefits of Hempseed Oil

The hempseed oil that goes into our Gourmet Hemp Sauces has the perfect ratio of Omega 3,6 & 9 which are essential for cognitive health and radiant skin. Unlike  fish oils, hempseed oil is sustainably and responsibly raised making it the perfect source for Omega-rich essential fatty acids, which your body and mind demand to for optimal rejuvenation. 


The Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is a strong anti-inflammatory meaning it helps with a whole host of ailments. Many people express an increased sense of well-being after taking CBD oil, but not a ‘head high’ that is associated with THC. Although much more research needs to be done, many epileptic patients swear by CBD products as a solution to curb seizures. For whatever ailments you hope CBD will cure, please do your research on the company and, if available, how they source and process their end-product.


What CBD Oils Distributors & Brands We Recommend

Gourmet Hemp Foods makes its' products with only by-products of the hempseed grain. But since several of our partners are customers of CBD products, and since we know many people from within the industry, here are a few companies we trust and feel confident to recommend.


Ellwood Thompsons Grocery Store |  Richmond, Virginia

Carolina Hemp Company  |   Carolinas


Kingdom Harvest  |   Asheville, NC

CBD Livity  |  Virginia Beach, VA

First Necessity Hemp  |  Goochland, VA



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