The Tremendous Benefits of Gourmet Hempasta (HEMP PASTA)


Why Hempasta?

Gourmet Hemp Foods’ Gourmet Hempasta brand is truly an innovation within the specialty food world! Packed with more protein (12G), fiber (8G), and minerals like magnesium & iron than white-pasta, the choice is clear: Hempasta promises to enhance your energy level and well-being more than you thought possible. 

We guarantee you’ll fall in love with Hempastas’ unique nuttily-delicious taste, as well as, the light-on-your-feet feeling after inhaling an entire bowl. After gobbling down an entire bag we promise you won’t enter into a vegetative state like you would with white-pasta. Actually, you’ll be motivated to do more everyday.

About Our Hemp & Durum Flours:

Gourmet Hemp Foods is proud to be one of the first food manufacturers in America to utilize domestic-grown hemp seeds in our line of gourmet hemp products. Our hemp is grown and processed by a single producer. Because we deal directly with the processor and grower we can ensure our customers the quality of all our hemp products.

Moreover, more than fifty-percent of our Gourmet Hempasta is made with enriched durum flour which is imported from North Dakota to Richmond, Virginia. Now, you may be asking yourself why we would go such dire lengths to get our durum flour halfway across the country? The answer is simple: North Dakota durum wheat is renowned throughout the world for being the highest quality. America's durum is so good, believe it or not, that even the Italians are jealous our pastas taste better!

More About Hempasta’s Health Benefits?

It can’t be said enough – our hemp pasta is packed with more protein (12G), fiber (8G), and minerals like magnesium & iron than white-pasta! Moreover, the hempseed protein we use is robust with antioxidants which protect your body from oxidative decay which is associated with heart disease and diabetes. In fact, hemp is one of the most quality vegan proteins available. Otherwise known as a ‘complete-protein,’ hemp boasts all nine essential amino acids making Hempasta the most nutritious pasta on earth! Lastly, although our homegrown linguine and fusilli hemp pastas are not gluten free, hemp flour, itself, is naturally gluten free which substantially reduces the gluten content in each noodle.

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Who Should Eat Hempasta?

VEGANS: Hempasta’s high protein content is ideal for vegans who need to supplement their diets. Moreover, for those plant-eaters that are either allergic or avoid soy-based products, hemp is the best plant-based protein alternative; although it’s not really an alternative when its’ simply better on all fronts.

ATHLETES: Hempasta is great for athletes looking for a post-workout meal which not only helps them recover, but, also, keeps them going strong throughout the rest of their day. Moreover, hemp protein is renowned for building lean and mean muscle, therefore, it’s ideal for runners, tri-athletes, swimmers and field sports competitors!

MINERAL DEFICIENT? According to dietary surveys, more than one-half of the US population has some type of mineral deficiency. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one product that could solve all that? Because hemp seeds are rich in phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and copper, it’s our opinion that enjoying a bowl of Hempasta, once or twice a week, will substantially increase your intake of these essential minerals fortifying your mind and body for many years down the road.

YOUTHS: Children and adolescents are not getting the necessary nutrients in order to grow into strong, healthy, productive adults. A lot of the reason is too much sugar and not enough minerals like iron and magnesium. Every child needs these essential minerals in order to grow, but to stay focused and tranquil. We’re not claiming Hempasta will cure your kids' ADHD, but we won’t be surprised if you see an improvement in their concentration, patience, and overall radiance!

UNEASY STOMACH? If your stomach gets upset easily, then our hemp pasta may just do the trick! The insanely high fiber content is the reason Hempasta never weighs you down—it’s extremely gut healthy. There’s many conditions, like Chromes Disease, where people have trouble easting certain types of food. Moreover, because of a protein called ‘edestin,’ hemp is one of the easiest proteins to digest. In fact, research shows that 91-98% of the protein in ground hemp seed is digestible.

*We encourage anyone with digestive issue to try our Gourmet Hempasta and let us know how it works for you! The feedback we have gotten from people with these kind of stomach issues has been very encouraging. We would love to hear your testimonial. 

DIABETICS: Although a lot of research still needs to be done, preliminary research strongly suggests hempseed protein improves blood glucose control. In addition to hemp’s rich antioxidant content which defends against the precusors of diabetes, like oxidative decay, Hempasta is, without a doubt, will become the preferred pasta for diabetics.

FOOD LOVERS: The benefits of Hempasta alone should persuade skeptics to make the switch from white to green noodles. But if you’re someone who cares little for nutritional value and cares much more for great taste and hearty meals, then Hempasta is still the clear winner.

Many people prefer the nuttily-delicious taste over the bland white stuff; and when dressed up with your favorite sauce, meat and/or vegetables, there’s simply no comparison! Go ahead, buy a bag, make a dish, and send us your pictures! We love sharing our customers delicious hemp food creations.


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