The 5 Peppers that Give this Hemp Hot Sauce An Unforgettable Kick & Taste


Every hot sauce has its' own personality, flavor, and kick. And Gourmet Hemp Foods' Hemp Hottie Sauce is no different, except for, Hemp Hottie Sauce beats the competition in all three categories. Made with five different peppers, domestic hulled hemp seeds, and hempseed oil, we guarantee that you've never tasted a hot sauce with so many unique notes of flavor that can be enjoyed for as long as sixty-seconds.

And we know what you're thinking: 'I don't want my mouth burning for sixty seconds!' Admittedly, Hemp Hottie Sauce has an unforgettable kick - one you'd expect from habanero peppers - but it is far from being overwhelming. That 'Hottie Kick' subsides after 10-15 seconds, satisfying those intrepid hot sauce connoisseurs; but the true beauty of the sauce is the amazing, complex, and unique flavor that rests on your pallette for sixty seconds or more. Now we're not scientist, but we believe the viscous hempseed oil not only coats your mouth, halting that burn which makes you salivate like a dog, but the hempseed oil, also, acts like a carrier oil for the flavor. Due to this longlasting delicious flavor, even the most tepid hot sauce dabblers can enjoy Hottie's robust taste using only a few drops. 

Everyone has their own idiosyncratic method of dousing their food with hot sauce. For example, saucier, Reggie Hall, whom is the inspiration behind Hemp Hottie Sauce, makes some mean Hemp Hottie Buffalo Wings. His wife and #GHFoods chef, Tynella Hall, creates a world famous Hemp Hottie Shrimp dish. Joe Domino, one of the founders, is a hot sauce lightweight, but he loves that a few drops, mixed with his morning eggs, goes a long way!

Now if you're getting a little skeptical, saying to yourself, "There's no way this hot sauce is any better than Tobasco or Texas Pete's." We won't harp on the old adage, "you won't now until you try it," because, here at Gourmet Hemp Foods, we believe education is the only way to make the right choice. 

First off, most of the big brand hot sauces only use one chile pepper, and they dilute that single pepper with loads of salt and vinegar. Not only do we have five peppers, but we, also, use omega-rich domestic hempseed oil, giving Hemp Hottie Sauce at least ten times more ingredients and nutritional value in every bottle! Because we can't express enough how amazing it is to share with the world a hot sauce that has the perfect blend of peppers and health, we will wrap this blog up with profiling each of the peppers used in the best all-around hot sauce on the market today! 

ANCHO CHILE  |  1,000–1,500 SHU

These tasty mild peppers are named after the Spanish word for wide (ancho), being about 2-3 inches wide and 3-6 inches long.

JALAPENO  |  3,500 to 8,000 SHU

Jalapenos are the perfect pepper to stuff and serve. And no one would know better how to gorge yourself with jalapenos than Patrick Bertoletti, who,  on May 1st 2011, holds the Major League Eating record of 275 pickled jalapeños in 8 minutes.

SERRANOS  |  10,000–23,000 SHU

The second most used pepper in Mexican cuisine, Serranos get their name from the mexican mountains from where they originate called the 'Sierras.'

ARBOL  |  15,000 to 30,000 SHU

These little firecrackers turn bright red when ripe. In fact, they're used in holiday wreaths and home decor because their vibrant red color never fades.

HABANERO  |  100,000–350,000 SHU

Habaneros are the hottest pepper used in our Hemp Hottie Sauce. What makes them extra special, though, is that we source our habaneros from one of the oldest black owned farms in Virginia, Browntown Farms.

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