3 Quotes Why Hemp Seeds Are the 'Main Dish', Not 'The Alternative'


If you thought hempseeds were great because they promote health, you're right, but that's only half the story..


The three quotes chosen below reflect the hypothesis at hand, 'why hempseed products will become the 'main dish', not 'the alternative.' In other words, this blog answers why hempseeds will not only become a permanent part of the American diet, but, also, one of the most important foods the world will consume into the foreseeable future.

But let's take it a step further. Hemp is, after all, 'that plant that can create 25,000 things.'  Hemp can't help itself but, always, take it one step too far. That's why governments are so fearful of it! Not only is it packed with amazing nutrition, it's also a bountiful source of cellulose and fiber. Both can go into end-products such as paper, plastic, and composites.

When you eat hempseeds you also promote the environment. Every hemp crop absorbs its' fair share of carbon while, simultaneously, cleaning the air we breathe. If you're not careful you can end up talking (or reading..) about the benefits of hemp all day!

The quotes chosen range from an early-nineteenth economist, a modern-day Nikola Tesla, and a worldwide renowned poet. Each quote resonates with one aspect of the hemp plant. With no further ado, the first quote is from, early-nineteenth century American economist, Paul Samuelson. 


Economics is a choice between 'Alternatives' all the time. Those are the trade-offs. -Paul Samuelson

The arguement is that "hempseeds are the mainstay, not 'the alternative,'" right? In order for something to become the mainstay, that 'something' must become the default choice. That is, until something better comes along. Because of recent legislative action in the United States, something better has come along. You guessed it.. Hemp Seeds! 

For over seventy-some-odd-years our government got all goofy in the head and decided these little powerhouse seeds were somehow bad for us! Okay -- that's definitely the simple version of events.

Most people can agree that, to some degree, our bodies and health are influenced by economics. For example, if economics is no more than the effects of supply and demand, can anyone claim our bodies are any different? If our bodies' crave food, it demands a supply of it, right? 

To add another layer to the economic equation, we must assume preferences as a variable; therefore, if I demand 'healthy food', then I would seek out more nutritious sources of sustenance. And hempseed-based foods are, simply, just that: 'a more nutritious food' packed with all 23 amino-acid your body needs to thrive.

Take, for example, the nutrition comparison between our Gourmet Hempasta brand verse classical white-pasta. The point is, there really isn't a comparison at all. Gourmet Hempasta has more protein (12G), fiber (8G), and minerals like -- magnesieum and iron -- than white-pasta will ever have! And that's all because Gourmet Hempasta contains the powerhouse benefits of those mighty little hemp seeds. Not much of a trade-off, wouldn't you agree?


It's not as though we can keep burning coal in powerplants. Coal is a finite resource, too. We must find alternatives, and its a better idea to find alternatives sooner than later until we run out of coal... - Elon Musk

It's hard not to agree with Elon Musk, the foremost sage of modern technology. It's a no-brainer, really, that the world must find alternatives in order to solve/slow global warming.  And a huge part of that is finding a readily available source of energy, food, and feedstock to meet global population demands. What God-given plant could meet the nutrition, power, and materials needs of the future? If you guessed industrial hemp, then you're right on the money.

Below are a few of the reasons why eating more hempseed products will, also, help save the world. Now let's put global warming back into a bottle of Hemp Hottie Sauce where it belongs!


Hemp seeds contain the human daily requirement for protein. It is the healthiest meat alternative and can prevent 'protein-energy malnutrition', the most severe form of hunger afflicting world populations. Hemp seeds are high in protein-rich calories, turning every pound of hemp seed into an invaluable nutritional asset. It provides bountiful amounts of essential amino acids, ensuring that impoverished populations have the best chance to seize the future they deserve. 

Ministry of Hemp


Hemp fiber has been, historically, pressed into lightweight cardoor panels helping vehicles with gas-economy. That fact, alone, makes hemp an energy-saver. In addition to conserving fuel, hempseed oil has the potential to be a biodiesel fuel too. Having a 33% seed oil content, hemp is competitive with soy seeds at 40%. More research needs to be done on making hemp seed yields comparable with soy, but the industry has just begun to invest in research. One setback is that hemp seeds' nutritional value is so high for human consumption that hemp biofuel may not be immediately cost-effective. 

Moreover, At least twenty utilities in North America use wood chips to replace 5-25 percent of the needed coal or natural gas. Most of the biomass that plays a key role is timber based, but it wouldn't take much to replace timber with hemp hurds. The U.S. Department of Energy says that biomass and fossil fuels is the most immediate step that utilities can take to cut their carbon dioxide emissions. 


One research review calculated that just by eating, drinking and breathing, Americans ingest at least 74,000 microplastic particles every year. And that's just one country and one race on this earth. Imagine how many plastic particles searfaring creatures are gobbling up per year -- and they're just innocent bystanders!

Whether it be hemp, or another sustainable resource, one-use plastic packaging is the low-hanging fruit that needs innovated and, ultimately, replaced. In Elon Musk's words -- sooner we make the switch the better!

You're Literally Eating Microplastics - WP


Childrens talent to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives - Maya Angelou

The last quote from freedom-fighting poet, Maya Angelou, was chosen because it evokes the 1930's 'Reefer Madness' campaign which drummed up hysteria and over-exaggeratted the effects of Marijuana. The campaign against cannabis was, also, a campaign against youthful inhibition. The two were indistinguishable in the U.S. government's eyes. Both youth and adults in the United States were forced to live in ignorance of the benefits of hemp for many decades. 

And we wander why our children are mineral deficient, obese, and hyper? Signs that their ability to 'endure' are being hindered. Many believe that by cutting-off our children from the natural world we are opening a can of worms. And illegalizing a plant -- that could provide all the essential nutrition a child needs -- continues that exact program of sanitation. 

From 2020 on, let's pledge, as a responsible society, to do everything in our power to help our children's ability to 'endure.' It's time to give them accurate, well-intentioned, information about health and nature! Adding hemp to a child's diet, and debunking cannabis-hysteria, is only a simple start.

Gourmet Hemp Foods makes it easy for kids to enjoy hemp with our Hemp Honey BBQ Sauce which is packed with sweet all-natural honey. Parents will be thrilled their kids are getting the benefits of domestic hempseed oil. A vegetable oil which is renowned for promoting cognitive strength and focus.

We hope you enjoyed the three selected quotes! Our hypothesis is clearly proven -- hemp is here to stay!


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