Chef Tye Returns Home in "From the Bottom of the Pot" By Ethan Evans


The most important raw ingredient that goes into each Gourmet Hemp Food Sauce is no other than Tynella Hall, or, simply, 'Nella,' as she was known growing up in her childhood neighborhood of Philadelphia.  She will always be thankful to her Grandmother for teaching her the trade of cooking, a passion that has never left her, as she explains in this short video excerpt. 

'I left to join the army. I thought it was my best way of getting out - because I knew there was something past these streets. Past where I started from. And you know what, I was right.. And everything I was right about brought me full-circle. Back to where I came from. Back to 39th and Aspen. It was through cooking, it was through family, it was through food; because the love we have food. The way I got started, I was sitting in my Grandmother's kitchen watching her feed the neighborhood. And wandering, 'Why you ain't got no food for us?" She would respond, "It's coming." We always ate late because she was so busy feeding everybody else in the neighborhood. And that same fire, that same love, that same want -- to make sure everyone around me is okay -- is what has fueled my cooking career till now." 
-Tyenella Hall, 'From the Bottom of the Pot' Shot/Directed by Ethan X Evans

Although 'Philly' is a part of her DNA, Tye felt joining the Army was her best available option. And that's where she met her 'Hemp Hottie,' Reggie Hall. Ever since meeting in uniform, Tye and Reggie have become proud parents and have solidified themselves as a formidable team in the food world. 

Both Tye and Reggie are proud partners with Gourmet Hemp Foods LLC and are leading the food manufacturing operations. Moreover, Tye and Reggie are caterers and private chefs that are available for hire in the Greater Richmond and  Mid-Atlantic regions. To learn more on how to work with Tye and Reggie, we encourage you to visit their website!


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