The Farm-to-Table Partnership that Made Our Hemp Sauce a Reality


A Farm-to-Table Dreamteam:

This is the story of how two hemp activist/entrepreneurs (Rob Ujevic & Joe Domino), Browntown Farms, Hatch Kitchen RVA, and two Richmond-based chefs (Tyenella & Reggie Hall) came together in order to create some of the most delicious sauces known to mankind. Each member in this team is not only worth mentioning, but worth raving about! That's why we'll dive into each entity, respectively, to give them the honorable hemp justice they're due. 

Browntown Farms Since 1908

Every life starts with a seed, and the birthing of our Hemp Hottie Sauce is no different. We source our habanero hot peppers right down the road from Petersburg, Virginia, from local farming establishment Browntown Farms which is one the oldest and continuously black-owned farms in Virginia. Browntown Farms operates all year around and produces all kinds of wholesome products like vegetables, jams, hemp, and much more which can be purchased at locations throughout central and southern Virginia.

Browntown's Facebook Page


Hatch Kitchen RVA Incubator

All the magic happens beneath the roof at Hatch Kitchen RVA's food incubator located in Richmond's Machester district. Gourmet Hemp Foods teamed up with Hatch Kitchen RVA early in eachothers' development and knew it was a match made in heaven. The team at Hatch, led by Austin and Ryan, have been indispensable to the development and production of our gourmet hemp sauces. Because of Hatch, every customer can be rest assured that each batch and bottle of Hemp Hottie Sauce and Hemp Honey BBQ Sauce are made safely in a very clean FDA approved faclity.

'Hatch Kitchen is Richmond’s premier food and beverage business incubator, helping to build better businesses faster.'


T and R Catering Tyenella & Reggie Hall

Tye and Reggie Hall met in the Army and have been inseparable ever since! With three kids and prospering culinary careers they certainly have their hands full, but that doesn't stop them from producing the best hemp sauces on planet earth!

They select each ingredient for every sauce recipe with the utmost care and love. Very rarely do you find a hot sauce like our Hemp Hottie Sauce that can boast five peppers with a hempseed oil base; or a ssauce like our Hemp Honey BBQ Sauce with tons of real clover honey with an after-taste bite of ancho chile peppers. Because of the tireless work from this dynamic-duo the world can enjoy the benefits of hemp like they never thought possible!


'Award winning Chef, Tye Hall and her husband Reggie Hall started T&R Catering in 2010. Together their passion for cooking and serving the community has led them to create their own language of love through a dance in the kitchen.'

Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition

Rob and Joe's hemp entrepreneur adventures truly commenced once they became members of the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition. Since 2015, Rob and Joe have played the role of Virginia hemp activists visting politcians every year on 'Hemp Lobby Day' in Viginia's General Assembly headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. 

If it wasn't for the VIHC, Gourmet Hemp Foods would not be what it is today. A big thanks to the founder of the coalition, Jason Amatucci (pictured beside longtime Virginia Senator Tim Kaine) for his persistence pushing for the legalization of industrial hemp within the commonwealth, as well as, providing a platform for Virginia's farmers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to network and strengthen the ties within this soon-to-be massive industry.  

'Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition (VIHC) is a grassroots driven advocacy organization whose goal is to educate, inspire and rally Virginians to restore the free market for Industrial Hemp, a low-THC oilseed and fiber crop, a variety of Cannabis.'



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