Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Sauces Vegan?

Our Hemp Hottie Sauce is vegan and contains 6% hemp.

Are Hemp Seeds Safe?

Hemp seeds, hulled seeds, seed oil, and protein are GRAS approved (Generally Recommended As Safe) by the FDA which means they can be sold in grocery stores nationwide.

What are Hemp Seeds good for you?

Hemp seeds products - specifically hulled seeds and cold-pressed oil - are renowned for being loaded in omega 3, 6 & 9, amino acids and vitamin E.

Where Do You Get Your Hemp From?

We source our hemp solely from domestic sources only.

What are Acidified Foods?

Acidified canned foods contain naturally acidified foods such as peppers and tomatoes. Gourmet Hemp Foods cans all its products in an FDA facility.

How does #GHFoods Awaken the World to the Benefits of Hemp?

The #GHFoods persistently educates whomever they come in contact with and believe their products are little apostles spreading important American hemp history.

We believe that great taste and branding will leave an indelible effect inspiring others to share the good graces of the hemp movement.

Why did the founders start a hemp company?

The founders felt it was patriotic to start a hemp company because they knew that federal prohibition was wrong.

Gourmet Hemp Foods LLC began innovating products with Canadian hemp seeds because American hemp seeds were outlawed. As soon as the 2018

How is Gourmet Hemp Foods LLC organized?

Gourmet Hemp Foods is a limited liability company with five partners. Each partner provides a unique talent and quality which allows us to operate as a lean mean sauce-producing machine!

Is Gourmet Hemp Foods insured?

Gourmet Hemp Foods has a one million liability insurance .

What are Gourmet Hemp Foods most important initiatives?

Gourmet Hemp Foods is proud and excited to work with Virginia universities on hemp initiatives including a breeding program.

One of the most profound initiatives have been the VSU Hemp Field Day when has been hosted three times with the last event having over 400 people!

What methods are there to place an order?

You can order through our online store or send us an email at

Is Shipping Included?

Shipping is included in all order over $15.00 which is the price of one of our two staple sauces.

Will you be shipping glass?

Our sauces are canned in glass but we use the necessary packaging to ensure a safe delivery.

Do you ship gifts?

We do ship gifts! Simply add a gift card to your order and we'll send a follow-up email for personalization!