Gourmet Hemp Foods began in the hallways of the Virginia General Assembly where hemp activists, Rob Ujevic, Joe Domino and Geo Ogburn lobbied for the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill which marked the beginning of the end for Federal hemp prohibition. Once Rob and Joe didn't have to be worried about getting locked up for starting their dream business, they partnered with an American hemp farmer and Richmond pastamaker and, walaa, Gourmet Hempasta was born!
Joe gifted this green pasta to his skeptical Italian family. After one meal they fell in love with the nuttily-delicious taste. At this point, Rob and Joe knew they had something they could share with the world. In 2018, Rob and Joe teamed up with Tyenella and Reggie Hall ( tandrcatering.com ) to produce a line of gourmet hemp sauces. In no more than nine months, Tye and Reggie brought their irrestible creations to life: the unforgettable Hemp Hottie Sauce and the beelicious Hemp Honey BBQ Sauce!
In 2019, Gourmet Hemp Foods LLC was incorporated. Each founding partner is committed to 'Awaken the World to the Benefits of Hemp.' We invite you to join our mission. Get in contact to get involved!