Gourmet Hemp Foods LLC believes in strong partnerships with those that share our values of health, happines, and community. From farmers, to universities, to caterers, to content producers, we're a team of many resources and talents!

Browntown Farms est. 1908

About: Purveyor of hot peppers and produce, Browntown farms is one of the older black-owned farms in Virginia. 

Website: www.browntownfarms.com

Social: www.facebook.com/pg/browntownfarms/

Hatch Kitchen RVA

About: Hatch Kitchen is Richmond’s premier food and beverage business incubator, helping to build better businesses faster.

Website: www.hatchkitchenrva.com

Social: www.facebook.com/hatchkitchenrva

Virginia State College of Agriculture

About: Virginia State University’s College of Agriculture is one of the country’s leading 1890 colleges of agriculture, natural resources, food, and life sciences.

Event: Learn about the variety of products from industrial hemp, the challenges and opportunities for cultivating this crop, and an update on the legislation governing industrial hemp production in the Commonwealth of Virginia.( Visit Event Page

Website: www.agriculture.vsu.edu

Social: www.facebook.com/VsuCollegeOfAgriculture/

Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition

About: Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition (VIHC) is a grassroots driven advocacy organization whose goal is to educate, inspire and rally Virginians to restore the free market for Industrial Hemp, a low-THC oilseed and fiber crop, a variety of Cannabis.

Website: vahemp.org

Social: www.facebook.com/vahemp.org

T & R Catering

About: Creator of the Gourmet Hemp Food Sauces, we're a husband and wife culinary catering team that specializes in providing great food and service one dish at a time.

Website: tandrcatering.com

Social: www.facebook.com/TR-Catering-LLC