We always do our best to source fresh and local ingredients that your customers prefer and love!

We always do our best to source fresh and local ingredients that your customers prefer and love!

If you want to carry our gourmet products on your shelves please send us an E-mail to gourmethempfoods@gmail.com. 

About: At Ellwood’s, advocacy and inclusivity are crucial core values, and we want to do our part to make our community a more equitable place. Ellwood’s stands behind policies that support fair wages, gender equality, corporate responsibility, and consumer empowerment. We champion other small, local businesses, especially those that are independent or minority-owned.

Website: https://ellwoodthompsons.com/

Address: 4 N Thompson St, Richmond, VA 23221

About: We believe in caring deeply for our neighbors through respect, thoughtfulness, and authentic service. We recognize the history of Church Hill and honor the traditions of generations past. We are committed to contributing to the strength and resilience of our community. We believe beyond what is expected to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. We believe in the greatness of people, the goodness of food and the importance of a welcoming community space for all to meet. 

Website: www.themarketat25th.com

Address: 1330 N 25th St, Richmond, VA 23223

About: Established in 2014, we are proud to be Asheville's Hometown Hemp Company. We are an education focused hemp general store and wholesale distributor of quality hemp flower extract products such as sublingual oil, vape oils, concentrates, and other hemp products including organically-grown hemp flower, topicals and edibles. We are the premiere hemp company in WNC and are focused on building a business that helps bring hemp to the mainstream market.

Website: https://www.carolinahempcompany.com

Address: 290 Haywood Rd, Suite 002
Asheville, NC 28806

About: We're here to help farmers understand, access and utilize hemp as a crop. Assistance with planting, caring, and harvesting hemp in conjunction with the ability to purchase & process hemp allow us to offer a range of hemp products to consumers and manufacturers alike. Talk to us today about anything hemp.

Website: https://www.eastcoasthempsupply.com

Address: 114 W Broad St, Dunn, NC 28334