Release of War Hemp Industries Documents

November 3, 2020


Gourmet Hemp Foods co-owner, Joe Domino, recently made headlines in’s article ‘Treasure Trove of ‘Hemp For Victory’ Photos Unearthed.’

The article details Joe’s contribution to the Industrial Hemp Industry by restoring its loss world war two hemp history during the early 1940’s.Since there has been immense interest in this discovery, in the near future Joe will elaborate on his experience for the historical record.

In the meantime, Joe extends his appreciation to the hardworking civil servants at both the Maryland and Kansas City National Archives for putting up with him. Joe also wishes to extend thanks to fellow hemp activists Michael Krawitz and John Dvorak for helping him bring these historical artifacts to light.


October 31, 2020 | Written by: Steve Bloom

A 14-minute propaganda film made by the Department of Agriculture in 1942 called Hemp for Victory changed the course of hemp legalization many decades later. The short extolling the industrial benefits of hemp for the war effort was obtained by Bill Conde in 1976. He gave a copy to Jack Herer in 1984. Five years later, Herer and Maria Farrow traveled to Washington, DC in hopes of finding actual proof of the film's existence at the Library of Congress. 

"They didn't have a copy so we gave them one," Farrow tells CelebStoner. "We found the proof that it was made by the government. I know what we did, what we saw and what we proved."

Now, all these years later, another hemp activist, Joe Domino, has acquired a treasure trove of government hemp photos and documents from the 1940s. 

Domino, who owns Gourmet Hemp Foods, contacted the National Archives in College Park, Maryland last November asked to look at microfilm related to "War Hemp Program of the Department of Agriculture, 1942-1947." After finding the photos at the Maryland office in December (they were archived by the now-defunct Farm Security Administration),he went to the Kansas City, Missouri office to do further research in January.

Since the program benefited the war effort, it was unceremoniously canceled by the government after World War II ended, thanks in part to Harry Anslinger, who ran the now-defunct Bureau of Narcotics. Domino handed his research over to hemp expert John Dvořák. 

Domino's also the author of Craig Lee's Kentucky Hemp Story: Memoirs of an Industrial Hemp Activist.

Many blessings to everyone at Gourmet Hemp Foods, your tenacity and dedication to this plant and the work that has been put in to bring the understanding and truth to the forefront. Once again sparkling our imaginations with the possibilities of the future if we just look to the past.
- Dan Herer son of Jack Herer

Thanks Joe Domino for the T and all that great hemp history he found at the National Archives.
- John Dvorak founder of

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