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In the tabs & dropdowns below you will discover historical documents that detail the United States' War Hemp Industries Inc. program administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture from 1942-46 under orders by the War Production Board.

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My Hemp Story is a short story about Joe Domino's hemp adventure and how he discovered the War Hemp Industries Inc. archive.

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National Archives, College Park, MD

The Farm Security Administration (U.S. Department of Ag.) spearheaded an effort to photographically document domestic  'Industrial Plants' during the WW2 effort.

Search the FSA photo archive for yourself, except, you'll conspicuously not find any hemp photos which were hidden away until now!  

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College Park Trip Overview
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War Hemp Industries Inc. Photographs

Citation: WHI Inc. Lantern Slides & Photographs. Various Photographers. Farm Security Administration, Department of Agriculture. 1942-3. "16.8, Records of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture RG16," Still Picture Branch Holdings, The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), College Park, MI. 1943-47.
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Meeting Minutes

Kansas City Visit Overview
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Book One
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The War Hemp Industries Board of Directors Meeting Minutes provide an excellent perspective on the logistical, legal and economical hurdles and problems encountered while establishing a Hemp Industry in America. Jan. 1943 - Jan. 1944

Book Two
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War Hemp Industries Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Feb. 44 - Feb. 45

Book Three
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War Hemp Industries Board of Directors Meeting Minutes from Mar. 45 till its eventual dissolution in Feb. 46

"Plant Manager" Bulletins

War Hemp Indusries Inc. "Plant Manager" Bulletins
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The "Plant Manager" Bulletins were regularly sent to the, ultimately, 42 mills that were processing government-contracted hemp for the war effort. The Bulletins were distributed by, most notably, Fred Butcher who had proudly stated in a hearing that he personally hired and trained all the managers at the mills. These documents give a glimpse of this heroic industrial wartime effort.

The American Hemp Program
Citation: The American Hemp Program. S.H. McCrory, Director, Hemp Division, Commodity Credit Corporation. June 13, 1944. "General Records Relating to the War Hemp Program," The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Kansas City, MI. 1943-47.
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Hemp Production & Fiber Grading

The Production of Hemp by E.J. Kinney, College of Agriculture and Home Economics, University of Kentucky
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These documents showcase correspondence with the University of Kentucky and its ultimate participation in the educational efforts for the wartime hemp industry.

Fiber Grading Instructions

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Learn about how they graded fiber and each grades unique quality, as well as, the price each grade would sell for.

Creation & Dissolution of War Hemp Industries Inc.

Early War Documents Leading upto Order M-84
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These documents highlight the need for a domestic hemp industry and the steps taken in order to legally introduce a wartime hemp industry.

Dissolution of the War Hemp Industries Inc.

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These documents highlight the need for a domestic hemp industry and the steps taken in order to legally introduce a wartime hemp industry.

Miscellaneous Documents

Correspondence with U.S. Narcotic Unit

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Discussions and correspondence concerning the 'Marihuana Tax Act' regulations with accompanying form.

Kentucky Hemp Seed Ledger
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This document lists, by Kentucky county, the name of the the farmer and his address, how much hemp seed he received, the date he received it, and the total amount he owed.

Personnel Duties & Responsibilities
Citation: Personnel Duties & Responsibilities. Author Unknown, War Hemp Industries Inc.. 194. "General Records Relating to the War Hemp Program," The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Kansas City, MI. 1943-47.
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Misc. Foundational Documents in Chronological Order
Includes: FOR: All Hemp States SUBJECT: 1943 Hemp Program SUGGESTED DISTRIBUTION: State Committee Members. Nov. 6, 1942. | War Production Board Order M-82, Part 1079- HEMP SEED. Sept. 22, 1942.Correspondence with Honorable C. Wayland Brooks, United States Senator. Sept. 29, 1942. | Certificate of Incorporation of the "WAR HEMP INDUSTRIES INC.. Feb. 1, 1943. | War Hemp Industries Inc., Voting Trust Certificate. Feb. 3, 1943. | War Hemp Industries Inc., Capitol Stock 10 Shares Without Par Value. Feb. 16, 1943. | Picture of Hemp Plant | Plant Blueprint | Organizational Charts |  Balance Sheet, Hemp Program 1942-1944. July 1, 1944. | Prices for Various Grades of Hemp Fiber. Nov. 29, 1945.
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Maritime National Park Museum, San Francisco, CA

The wartime need hemp spawned from the need to replace Abaca fiber, which the American cordage companies sourced from the Philippines, that is, until the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The west coast Tubbs Cordage Company's corporate documentation, housed at the Maritime National Park Museum in San Francisco, provides an excellent insight into the Abaca and cordage industries. Tubbs also owned and operated a cordage factory out of Manila which was, after Pearl Harbor, repurposed under Japanese occupation.

Within the Tubbs Cordage Company's archive was the following publication titled the, War Emergency Service Book No. 3, printed by the once prominent Plymouth Cordage Company.

The booklet includes a detailed explanation for the need for 'Wartime Rope,' which, presumably, implied Sisal rope with 15% hemp fiber as a 'Extender,' which was required under the War Production Board's order 'M-84."

Maritime National Park Museum
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War Emergency Service Book No. 3

Citation: War Emergency Service Book No. 3. Emergency Service Department, Plymouth Cordage Company, N. Plymouth MA.. HDC0496 (SAFR 18874), Tubbs Cordage Company records, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.
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Men of Rope (Chp 4-5) & Photographs
Citation: Ryder, David. Men of Rope: Being the History of Tubbs Cordage Company. San Francisco: Historical Publications, 1954.
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Taxation of Marihuana: July 12, 1937
Hearing Before A Subcommittee of the Committee on Finance , United States Senate
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In this hearing, multiple times, Harry Anslinger promisedthe legislatures that this act would not hinder the 'Legitimate' hemp industry. Many years later

Utilization of Farm Crops (Fiber): May 19,1944
Subcommittee of the Committee on Agriculture & Forestry, United States Senate
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This enlightening hearing includes testimonials from prominent figures whom ran the War Hemp Industries Inc. on behalf of the government.

Hemp And Marihuana: May 24, 1945
Hearing Before the Committee On Finance, United States Senate, Seventy-Ninth Congress, First Session On H.R. 2348: An Act to Provide for the Coverage of Certain Drugs Under The Federal Narcotic Laws.
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This hearing showcases the measures the U.S. Narcotics Unit took, on the behest of it's czar, Harry Anslinger, to stamp out the wartime hemp industry.
Early 1900s Hemp History

The Hemp Industry in the United States by: Dewey Lester (1903)

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For hemp growers, this document may be as relevant today, as it was more than one hundred years ago!

Census Bulletin (Twelfth): Manufactures of Flax, Hemp and Jute
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This documents provides exact figures of where, and how much, hemp was grown throughout the the continental United States at the turn of the 18th century.


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